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Rediscovering Canada – Extraordinary Histories, is an amazing collection of remarkable Canadian stories. We don’t just tell the stories, we live the stories! Most of our mini-series are builds in Reconstruction Archeology… essentially reverse engineering things from the first automobile to the first flight. We are a group of Canadians who want to tell our stories by recreating our past… our inventions, our firsts!

Our brand, also includes:

Rediscovering Canada – Our People & Our Places, a point-of-view series celebrating the best that small rural Canadian towns and cities have to offer. Focusing on heritage architecture and the vibrancy of the communities filmed.

Rediscovering Canada – Heritage Places, a point-of-view series exploring heritage buildings and sites in Canada.

Our Projects now in production:


Rediscovering Canada – Extraordinary Histories, is delighted to begin a new chapter in its rich tradition of crafting factual series, in presenting The Fossmobile! A new three-part mini-series in full production. For the full story   Click Here