Downtown Seaforth is Welcoming You!


Seaforth is a small urban community of 2,300 people located in the Municipality of Huron East in the heart of rural Ontario. Riding on the success of past collaborations with the producers of Rediscovering Canada Television, Economic Development Officer Jan Hawley came up with an idea to create a short video highlighting her community’s downtown heritage shopping district. 

Working in partnership with filmmaker Christopher Cooper, the video will become the ‘cornerstone’ promotional tool during major road construction later this year.  The main objective is to broadcast to customers – past, present, and future that downtown Seaforth stores will be open for business during construction, and its community partners will be working hard to make shopping during this time as assessable as possible while adding some fun to the adventure!

Since going live in December, the video has been viewed over 100,000 times, so you can well imagine that many people are now humming Petula Clark’s 1964 hit ‘Downtown’.

“Downtown Seaforth is Welcoming You!”

The Making Of Seaforth is Welcoming You

Watch “The Making Of Seaforth is Welcoming You” Above.

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