Bright Light Tours Vanastra

Their histories are as colourful as their present-day stories are varied and many.  The distinct features of Vanastra are the highlights of Bright Light Tours, audio-visual trips to bygone days, to their present-day special places and their friendly folk.

Vanastra Recreation Centre

Home of the Thunderbolts

Mess Hall | Other Ranks

Radar & Communications School | Applied Training

150,000 Sq. Ft. | Radar & Communications School

Vanastra Curling Club

The Radome

Stone Pillars & Parade Grounds

The Tyndall Farm & Silo

Recreation Centre & Pool

The Officers’ Mess

Brought to you by the kind support of:

Bright Light Tours

Dedicated to dear friend and colleague, the late Jan Hawley, former Huron East Economic Development Officer, in recognition of her vision, creativity, energy, and achievements.

It is said that a life can be measured by the mark we leave. Personally and professionally, Jan’s mark is indelible. One of a kind, one of the “uniques”—and definitely a bright light!

Ever missed, ever loved by so many.

―Carolyn Parks Mintz 2021

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