About RCTV

Welcome to Rediscovering Canada Streaming Television Network…

Way back in 2011 we launched our digital streaming network to great reviews and accolades. In those early days when online streaming television was in its infancy it was hard to build a loyal viewing audience because the technology was just not available, for example smartphones and tablets. Today, online streaming television has surpassed standard subscription-based television by 25% worldwide.

Back in 2011 we were constantly asked “what channel is your series on?” Now it has changed to “what streaming platform is your show on?” Most people have exclusively now found their viewing content online through streaming platforms such as RCTV.

RCTV is a free for use streaming platform for all original series, Old Home Living, Heritage Places, Rediscovering Canada – Ontario, Meet you in… and original documentaries produced by RCTV. You can watch all of our content absolutely subscription free, check back regularly for new episodes or sign up via email to receive notifications of new episodes.