Huron Hospice | Jay & Bryan

This month we hear from two members of the capital campaign cabinet. They share stories and a perspective about the need for our residence to grow. Bryan Vincent is a retired businessperson who owned Vincent Farm Equipment in Seaforth. Jay McFarlan is the board chair of Huron Hospice.

Huron Hospice | Bill Dowson

This is the third of six videos in which stories are told of people’s lives being impacted by Huron Hospice. The videos speak to the need for the residence to be expanded so that more people at the end of life can benefit from this home-like environment on 12 acres. This month we hear a…

Huron Hospice | Abby Gordon

This month we hear the Huron Hospice story from the perspective of a nurse. Abby Gordon has been with the residence since it opened in May, 2018. She talks about her experience with residents, families and as part of an amazing nursing team. 

Huron Hospice | Marilyn Elgie

At the beginning of each month, a new video will be released.  This month we hear Marilyn Elgie tell her family’s story when her husband, Paul, was at the residence. 

Bright Light Tours Brussels

BRUSSELS BRIGHT LIGHT TOURS Their histories are as colourful as their present-day stories are varied and many.  The distinct features of Brussels are the highlights of Bright Light Tours, audio-visual trips to bygone days, to their present-day special places and their friendly folk.

Through Adversity to the Stars

How many Canadian Air Force bases can you name that do not have a runway? In fact, the only airplanes the base has seen is an occasional fly-by during special parade days.

Huron East Digital Main Street

Digital Main Street is an innovative program designed to help main street small businesses achieve digital transformation. The program is built around an online learning platform, structured training programs, grants and Digital Service Squad teams of street-level experts