Heritage Places

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“Dr Christopher Cooper returns for a second season of feature length films of Heritage Places for 2018/19”

View Trailer for Series Two above

Far from being an historically flimsy vanity project, Heritage Places is a factual series decoding the secret history behind the construction of each building and sheds new light on how best to preserve and protect for the future.

Do you have a great story to pitch for a second series feature film? contact us today!

Email Heritage Places

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We are also looking for short segments:

Calling all small Canadian museums and heritage societies full of rich stories that need to be told, and hidden treasures that need to be seen. Changing trends in media and how people access information mean that there are new ways for museums to tell their stories. We want to help you connect your stories with those who want to learn.

We are looking for Canadian museums to be a part of our factual television series focused on Canadian built and cultural heritage. We are looking for small segments for our second season of feature films and shorts.

Email Heritage Places


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