Original Series


RCTV Original Series are scripted episodic content that is the backbone of our service. You will be able to start enjoying your favourite RCTV original series beginning in March of this year. New episodes will be uploaded regularly, and you will always be able to catch-up, as all the content is available in chronological order by date.

“Dr Christopher Cooper returns for a second series of thirteen episodes of Heritage Places for 2018/19”. Season One with a total of 14 episodes will air right here on RCTV TBA.

For more information on production and how your Canadian built and cultural heritage sites, stories and museums can be featured on Series Two… follow the link below.

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Make your house a home on Vintage Home, new episodes air right here on RCTV. The show will follow every aspect of the restoration process for their three project houses when it airs next fall/winter. In the meantime, we will be bringing you shorts which will be a prequel to the full 30-minute episodes. Check out their interactive website for more information and read Vintage Home Magazine free, follow the link below.

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The Fossmobile project is a full length feature presentation of Heritage Places – Extraordinary Histories.

“One early spring morning in 1897, with a fresh dusting of snow along the Magog River in Sherbrooke, Quebec the doors flew open on a little bicycle repair and machine shop. An odd little contraption was gently pushed out through the doors by its creator, a 20-year-old lad by the name of George Foote Foss. To say this little device of metal, rubber, wood and filled with ingenuity was different is an understatement! You see this is the first time an automobile utilizing a gasoline powered internal combustion engine met the road in Canada.”

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