Our commitment to communities, especially in rural Canada and our remote north is our priority. RCTV Community Television will categorize content by Province/Territory, and then by community.

RCTV offers programming that expands the minds of Canadians, with factual original series to tickling your funny bones with a comedy sketch series. Short films and documentaries have a home on RCTV to expose Canadians to the worlds of home grown music, theater, dance and art.  It is a multi-platform multi-media organization that serves Canadians through mobile and connected devices, or directly on your living room television, and more.

Some of the key points RCTV fosters;

  • Be innovative and distinctive
  • Stimulate interest in our Canadian stories and history
  • Reflect cultural diversity in Canada
  • Champion high quality scripted content
  • Inspire change in people’s lives
  • Nurture new and existing talent

Why do we exist

Way back in 2011 Rediscovering Canada Television was one of the pioneers of broadband based digital broadcasting. Recently, whilst creating original series for mainstream broadcast, we realized how hard it is for talented people to get their independent content viewed on traditional cable or network television. Or trying to weed through the chaos of YouTube with millions of unscripted videos just to be seen or be found. Now that YouTube and Facebook have changed their policies to further stagnate independent content providers and businesses, a service promoting one hundred percent Canadian content is needed and demanded by our viewers and sponsors!

By retaining the rights to their content, our independent content providers can then go on to sell their content internationally.  Moreover, we provide invaluable knowledge and promotional support to help grow our independent content providers to be seen and foster their passion for making film, music or content that is vetted to our viewers who rely on Rediscovering Canada Television to provide quality programing.

As we grow, we will foster a relationship with our current content providers, where they can pitch innovative original series for funded broadcast consideration.